NSAA Affiliates

Join one of the activities at NSAA in Grafton

North Shore Academy of the Arts offers arts educational opportunities through affiliate programs for all ages.
Please contact the affiliates below to learn more about their programs and philosophies.


Target Age: Teen/Adult

Come join the fitness party! Everybody can join in, you do not have to have dance experience, and every class feels like a celebration!!! Zumba is the latin inspired fitness phenomenon. Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves into a dynamic workout. Zumba is a total body workout with toning exercises and fat-burning moves for a workout that’s more fun than it is work.

Instructors: Kim O’Reilly and Merlynn Kimmel

Contact Instructors for further details: Zumba@gmail.com

Phone: 262-389-5417

Dance with Frances

Target Age: All Ages

Who would like to learn how to dance? Or have you always wanted to? Come join us Monday nights staring for Ballet and Jazz classes! Schedule is as follows.

    • Ballet 1 (ages 3-4) 3:30-4:00
    • Ballet 2 (ages 6-7) 4:45-5:15
    • Ballet 3 (ages 9-10) 5:15-6:15
    • Ballet 4 (ages 12 and up) 6:15- 7:15
    • Pre Pointe (For ballet 4 students only) 7:15-7:45
    • Adult Ballet Class (No previous experience required.) Time: TBD
    • Beginning Jazz (ages 7+) 4:00-4:45

Instructors: Frances

Contact Instructors for further details: franceshrlevich@yahoo.com

Phone: 262-873-0478

Trinity Irish Dance

Target Age: All Ages

Since 1982, Trinity has brought the art of Irish dance to Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and their surrounding suburbs. We offer award-winning, affordable Irish dance classes taught by patient and experienced instructors. Trinity provides an energetic classroom environment that helps children develop a love of Irish dance, increases coordination, builds friendships and drives the self-confidence to perform in front of an audience! It is our balanced approach to solo dancing, performance dancing, and team dancing that leads us to our greatest successes on and off the dance floor. The opportunities here are unmatched in any other Irish dance program in the world. Become part of the Trinity Irish Dance legacy by registering for classes, booking our talent or watching us perform.

Contact: www.trinityirishdance.com/intro

Guitar Private Lessons

Target Age: All Ages

Tom Robinson has more than 30 years of experience performing, writing, and studying various styles of music, including Fingerstyle guitar, Jazz, Classical, Blues, and Rock/Popular music. Tom has more than 20 years of experience teaching music to students of all ages and skill levels. Tom holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Guitar Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. As a instrumentalist and composer, Tom specializes in the following aspects of guitar and bass guitar instruction: performance, composition, improvisation, and applied music theory.

Instructor: Tom Robinson

Contact: tomrobinson.guitar@gmail.com

Drum Private Lessons

Target Age: All Ages

Dan Broderick holds a BS from UW-Milwaukee and has 15 years of full-time teaching experience. He teaches 30+ students each year, totaling over 20,000 lessons since 1996. Dan instructs students on drum set, snare drum, parade drums and mallets. He teaches students as young as age 5 or 6 with a parent present, otherwise ages 7 and up. He describes himself as being a relaxed teacher who emphasizes reading to develop skills in listening, coordination and performance. In addition to teaching, Dan has more than 32 years of playing experience, including performances, tours and recordings.

Instructor: Dan Broderick

Contact: dancbroderick@gmail.com or Call 262-377-3514

Willow Words critique service

Are you a writer in need of some input on your manuscripts? Literary Agent, published author and teacher offers critique services.

Submission Critique: This is an emailed written critique on the presentation of your submission, with comments on your cover letter and the formatting of your submission. If needed, line edits will be provided on your cover letter. If applicable, a general comment will be shared as to why Willow Words may not have offered representation or may include a suggestion on how to moveforward. This service is recommended for new writers and not necessary for those with experience in the industry.

Manuscript Critique: This service includes an emailed, narrative critique, a marked up manuscript, and a 30 minute phone conference about your manuscript. Additional fees will apply if you’d like further input into revisions.


To learn more, visit www.willowwords.agency Willow Words works in cooperation with North Shore Academy of the Arts, Inc.

Private Piano

Target Age: All Ages

Molly Scherr studied Piano Performance at Northwestern University under Dr Marcia Normann. She has been teaching piano to children and adults for over 12 years. Her philosophy of teaching is that it should be fun, in addition to the child learning to play the piano and understanding concepts of music theory. Improvisation and various contests and enriching challenges for the students are a few of the unique ways that Molly engages her students. Molly has experience accompanying musicals, choirs, vocalists, and instrumentalists. She has also performed at events such as the MACC Fund dinner, Women’s Court and Civic, and the HAWS auction dinner.

Instructor: Molly Scherr

Contact: sunsetlovebirds@gmail.com